• Human Design Collective

    Human Design Collective

    A high-frequency space to connect with others and support your unique life purpose facilitated by certified guides in Human Design

  • Missguided Manifestor

    Missguided Manifestor

    An aspiring Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur, and Writer.

  • Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

    Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

    As a mom, family engagement influencer, educator, author, and Christian, I write to speak my truth. Visit my website at: www.Drdeborahmvereen.com .

  • Marian C

    Marian C

    Searching for the meaning of life, living the life in the meantime.

  • Ryan M. Danks

    Ryan M. Danks

    Kindle Short Reads author, martial arts fanatic, host of The Intrepid Journal. ryanmdanks.com

  • Samra


    I am passionate about covering different topics.

  • Herizal hubbul

    Herizal hubbul

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