It’s just never worked for me.

I have always been an introvert and a deep-thinker, ever since I was a child. Writing gave me an outlet to express my deepest wonderings and observations about life, as well as a means of self-expression that didn’t require anyone else to be involved.

Maybe it’s time to leave the classroom.

Years ago I attended a professional development training for teachers. The trainer was discussing the different types of people who become teachers. Some, she explained, enter the professional enthusiastically and with passion. Others become teachers later in life, desiring a career change in…

In a world full of catfish, be a guppy.

I recently received an email from LinkedIn with a list of job recommendations. I have worked in education, in various settings, for over fifteen years now, and while I’m not currently seeking employment, I always like to keep abreast of what opportunities are out there. …

What to do when the universe puts you in a box.

I have flown through Beijing airport twice in my life. The first time, I was traveling with my sister and we had one of maybe five total fights that we’ve ever had.

The second time, I found myself unceremoniously…

How to listen to your inner guidance

Cathy Heller, author, and creator of the podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job,” begins each episode by saying, “the opposite of depression is not happiness. The opposite of depression is purpose.”

Ah yes, purpose. The ever-elusive sense of purpose.

I went to the…

Money is meant to give you more freedom, not less.

I landed my first job out of college teaching middle school Spanish. Woefully underprepared, I went in with nothing but an open-heart and an unlimited supply of energy.

I remember when they told me my salary: $35,000 per year.

They might as well have said I won a million dollars.

And how to not feel like a failure.

I spent a good portion of my life feeling like a failure.

After college, I was horrified to discover that after all of my training, hard work, and preparation for the workforce, I was wholly unfulfilled by it.

By most accounts, I am not a failure. I have a good…

He only knows his own

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” -Tony Robbins.

This may be true in his case, but this is not my path and it may not be yours either.

And that is totally okay.

Take coaches with a grain of salt.

According to Forbes, the coaching industry is worth…

Hulu’s Pen15 is a sensory journey down memory lane.

Every Sunday as a child we would go to my grandmother’s house for dinner.

Walking into her house, the specific and comforting smell of her homemade spaghetti and meatballs would be the first to greet us at the door.

Now, on…

The other day I was working from home as many of us are these days. My desk has a beautiful view of trees and lush grass and shrubs. My view at work is of a brick wall.

At around noon I looked out and saw a deer ambling along just…

Alexandra Rizzi

International Student Advisor | Mindful writing coach. I empower people to see their potential.

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